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Bonus Makanani

Babies on Board! Meet the next generation of our MTN family.

View the MTN Babies Album here.

Saying goodbye to Jared Baten as MTN co-PI.

Check out our new “A Look Back…” page in our News area.

A leap forward for the dapivirine vaginal ring, the next steps are critical.

COVID-19 Response Page.

MTN Regional Meeting Cancelled.

Presentations from our MTN 2020 Annual Meeting are posted.

The MTN held its final in-country stakeholder meeting for MTN-042 and MTN-043 in Harare, Zimbabwe, January 28-29, 2020.

Presentations and photos from our MTN 2019 Regional Meeting are posted along with a music video about REACH.


MTN held a MTN-042 and MTN-043 stakeholder consultation in Kampala, Uganda.


Stakeholder consultations were held in March for MTN-042 and MTN-043.

Presentations from our MTN 2019 Annual Meeting have been posted.

The start of REACH and other MTN milestones.


Watch a short video about REACH.


DESIRE (MTN-035) has a new logo!  Stay tuned for news on the launch of the study.

Presentations from the MTN 2018 Regional Meeting have been posted.

A stakeholder consultation was held in April in Johannesburg, South Africa, for MTN-042.

MTN’s Annual Meeting was held March 19-20 in Bethesda, Maryland at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.

A stakeholder consultation was held in February in Kisumu, Kenya for the REACH study.

A workshop was hosted by the MTN in January at NAESM 2018.

MTN’s Regional Meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa, September 19-21.

A stakeholder consultation was held in Uganda for the REACH study.

MTN recently convened a workshop on lubricants for the United States Conference on AIDS.

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